Brigham’s Digital Advertising Masterclass
You’ve dreamed of financial freedom, working from home, and traveling the world stress free? There’s no better work-life balance than creating an online business that makes money while you sleep. I will show you how to get there!  

2 Years teaching digital advertising to hundreds of college students wrapped up into a powerful, content-rich course on scaling a business through Google and Facebook Ads!

Masterclass All-Access Pass
This three part course is packed full of digital advertising secrets that have taken me a decade to figure out. 

The masterclass is still in beta. We are looking for volunteers to take the courses and provide feedback so we can perfect it before launching to the public. In addition to the course, you will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with Keaton & Brigham to perfect your ads strategy!  

This bundle is limited to 25 students and is $200 while in beta. Once perfected, we will sell the full course for $1,000, so sign up now!
Masterclass All-Access Pass
This three course masterclass is packed full of digital advertising secrets that have taken me a decade to figure out. In Part One I will teach you what businesses work and don’t work online and then part two and three I will teach you how to scale your business through facebook and google ads!  
Business Principles
There is a simple formula I use to determine if a business works or not on FB and Google. Once you understand these fundamental principles, you will feel more confident launching that product you always dreamed of!
Facebook Ads
Nobody does facebook like Brigham Dallas! Not even the professionals have a system this good. The scientific method is applied to Facebook so that you can scale quickly and efficiently without breaking the bank on ad spend. Finally a solution that works! 
I’ve spent millions of dollars in ad spend and over a decade testing theories. This course has my stamp of approval for simplicity and is the most effective way to run ads the market has ever seen!
Google Ads
Google is my baby. For 10 years, almost every week I have been blessed to have an hour long call with Google employees to work on my accounts. I have learned Google from the best in the business - the Yodas of Google Advertising. Now I will share everything I learned with you in the most efficient way possible. You will learn how to create a search campaign from scratch, how to optimize a campaign, and what pitfalls to look out for when expanding.  

See what my university students have to say....

Emily Mikkelsen

"This class was life changing. I gained confidence in an area of business I knew little about. I now feel confident and very familiar with google and Facebook ads that I can use both with ease. Brigham’s classes were always engaging and each topic was exciting and relevant to the real world. This is one of the most applicable classes I have ever taken. I highly recommend it to any my one wanting to become a master in internet marketing." 

Ammon Olson

"Brigham just gets it. The way online marketing is explained in this class makes something so complicated that too many shy away from into a feasible tool that becomes fun to build and work with. Brigham's principles for life are solid and while not necessarily a part of the class, they bleed into his methods and make the learning and growing process enjoyable and fulfilling."
About Brigham Dallas

Brigham Dallas

Digital Ads Specialist

Brigham is a professor of digital advertising at Brigham Young University. Brigham lives, eats, and breathes digital advertising and has helped hundreds of students learn how to successfully run an online business. 

Currently Brigham runs four businesses, all of which were started for $3k or less and 3 of the 4 produce over $100k+ in annual income.  

Get full access to all three courses and make the leap to launching your business successfully online!

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